Smart Recovery Tips

Every surgery is different, and Dr. Jackson will provide you with detailed recovery instructions for your procedure. However, there are a few general tips you can follow to make your recovery as fast and painless as possible:

  • Diet — You can resume your regular diet as soon as your body is ready. However, we recommend that you start with clear liquids—and move to more substantial foods slowly and cautiously.
  • Medication — Dr. Jackson has prescribed pain medications and/or muscle relaxers to aid your recovery, and you can take these as prescribed. Your pain should gradually diminish over the first few days. If you experience an adverse reaction to your medication, please contact Dr. Jackson immediately.
  • Wound care — You can generally remove your dressing 72 hours after surgery, but you should leave the steri-strips over the small incisions in place. If the wounds are dry, it's fine to get them wet in the shower. However, you should avoid submerging them in a bathtub for the first week. If the wounds are still wet or oozing fluid, reapply a clean gauze dressing until the incisions are dry.
  • Things to watch for — It is not unusual for some bloody fluid to ooze into or through your dressings. If you feel you are bleeding excessively, please call Dr. Jackson. Also, if you experience symptoms of infection, such as increased pain, increased drainage, redness, swelling, foul odor, chills, or a fever above 101 degrees, please contact the on-call physician.
  • Follow-up care — Please remember to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jackson 7 to 10 days after your surgery.

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